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Combat Music Radio

Culture Clash Posted on Tue, December 05, 2006 23:58:32

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Scott Kelly
(of Neurosis fame) and his buddy Christopher Moeschl share two passions in
life: music and blood sports. I don’t care much for the blood sports-thing, but
the music part which comes in the shape of an hour long radio show is really
Combat Music Radio.

If you like
it hard, grimly groovy and frostbitten then this is your game. They focus on underground, independent and unsigned bands.

The primary
host for the show is Scott Kelly, and it’s pure joy to hear his doped out voice
in-between songs. In the last show he claims to be sick and is sounding even
more doped out than ever before… A must hear!

Listen to
Show #80 here.

The track
list goes:
Rays of Sun : To The Shrinebuilder
The Talking Horse
Lack Of Knowledge
Last Victory
West Germany
The Last Renaissance Man
Beneath Oblivion
Landscapes of Desolation
Akuan Diu
Grey Daturas
Repeat Until False
Watch Them Die
The Struggle
Deathspell Omega
Kenose Pt. 1
The Living Jarboe
This is Life

Good mix, baby.

miss out on show #79 – the last track, Midnight Mutilation with Cult Of Daath,
is exactly how black metal mixed with punk should sound like. Forget about the
latest Darkthrone-album, will you?

there’s 80 shows for you to listen to and they even have a whole show dedicated
to Voivod, so… Go there now!

(The shows are not streamed, so you’ll download
them in mp3-format. The files are quite big, so be patient when downloading.)

Sanctuary In Blasphemy

Culture Clash Posted on Tue, December 05, 2006 18:11:59

There are so many crap bands today releasing records it’s just my duty to hook you up with some of the good stuff.
Blog ImageSanctuary In Blasphemy is a band hailing from Stockholm/Gothenburg and to my knowledge they are still unsigned which is a total jerk off in the face of multinational corporations and general stupidity…
Their mix of groovy sludge, melodies of darkness and lyrics of defeat is simply astonishing. A need to discover the dark…

Listen to the song Stillborn and fall to your knees pissing…

Fight the urge
To end it all
Eons of guilt and confusion
Get rid of me
Before it’s too late
Get rid of me

Everything has to come to an end
I’m not afraid of dying anymore

But no one’s left to forgive
Lies and deceit
Fabrication of normality
Lies and deceit

Everything has to come to an end
I’m not afraid of dying anymore

I don’t know what I want
I don’t know how I feel
I don’t know if you hear
But this is for real

Check out their homepage for more shit.

What the fuck’s up with Myspace?

The Daily Grind Posted on Tue, December 05, 2006 16:47:35

Yeah, you
tell me, hillbilly. I don’t have a clue.
Or more
importantly, what the fuck’s up with the myspace layout? It’s pure shit, I tell
you. And the flies are all there…

Sure, it’s
a great way for broadcasting your ego to the world, socializing, setting up
contacts and so on, maybe even having your favourite artist/politician/porn
actress/Elvis/jizz mopper on your friends list – but unless you get something
more than just this annoying, totally brainless “Thanks for the add!”-shit
thrown in your happy little face it’s all just worthless, right? Right.

I’m all for
communicating and networking all over the universe, but “Thanks for the add!”
is not communication. It’s just plain stupid and it could very well have been
Thanks for the ass! Now I’ll show you mine, I know you don’t wanna fuck it,
but at least I’ve shown my ass in your guestbook and I’m fine with that cuz now
I’ve got ten zillion friends all over the planet. You are my friend number
19883772382309235… Cool, right?

Not cool,

So, in
short, as long as you don’t actually do something with your filthy space on the
web – besides spying on people, checking who’s online (wow!) – then the whole
thing could just fuck off.

But then
again, people who actually make good use of this shit seem to have one helluva time
and that’s great, of course. But as Public Enemy so delicately put it:
believe the hype, it’s a sequel. As an equal can I get this through to you?

And please,
somebody come up with a better layout/user interface. Please. It’s close to
2007 now, and you’re all ten years behind.

(But hey,
just to let you myspace freaks know that there actually are ways of having a
decent myspace-page I’ll hook you up with my friend Helena. Sober (the page,
not her, hehe…) and classy. Well, at least if you look at it with myspace-glasses on…)

Black Metal – it’s everywhere!

Culture Clash Posted on Tue, December 05, 2006 15:27:24

I go (on the net, that is) I stumble upon the art that is black metal. And not
the crappy kind, but the real stuff, the most extreme shit from the bottom of
the abyss. I can visit the online store of Amazon and get a Funeral Mist-album within five days. Great!

Still, I’m
talking about online stores/webzines/communities/lifestyle magazines that are
not really interested in (or even aware of) the religious ways that are in fact
a great part of any genuine black metal artist. Or should be, at least…

online people are obviously in it for the profit, of course, but frankly – some
of them seem to be in it for the music as well (wow!). Like for example the
folks at Aquarius Records (one of my fave online stores), who seem to have an
honest interest in the musical qualities. Interesting, since they are – as far
as I’m concerned – not that much into other kinds of metal, and most of them
probably don’t have a history when it comes to metal either. Just look at their site – they even have a special black metal category for fucks
sake! As I said, it’s very interesting…

But why
now? Why here? And how did we get this far? I don’t really get it.
I guess the internet plays a big part here. The fact that it’s so easy to
google things and get a hold of rare stuff makes people not usually involved in
the underground business part of this new scene. And with that comes the fact
that hyped up bands like Sunn0))) and the Southern Lord-label promote black
metal to a wider range of people (don’t get me wrong here, I hail Sunn0))) from
the bottom of my heart!). Hell, you can even get BM-stuff from the Hydra Head-label nowadays! Going back just a couple of years I bet my ass that the
HH-people were laughing their hardcore asses off listening to that “simplistic,
primitive” black metal crap… Now everybody’s into it, no looking back.

I’ve been
into black metal since 1987 (since the release of Bathory’s Under The Sign of
The Black Mark
-album), and BM has always been an extreme underground thing for
me. Now every motherfucking punk I meet knows more about black metal than I do,
cuz they’ve read about it on the net, bought all the good albums on Ebay and
got their 300 GB share of black metal-mp3s… Go to a punk show these days and
for sure there’ll be some folks there wearing a Darkthrone t-shirt, praising
their latest rock’n’roll-album (1.5 out of 5, in my book). I can’t
really connect with that. But then again, had I been born into this all out digital age, say me being 15 today, I’d probably do the same thing. But fuck…

Where were
you when the shit hit the fan back in the days? I’m not saying I’ve been there
forever, but the fact that the people, who are the same age as me, who’ve
always laughed at metal are now listening specifically to black metal bugs the
hell out of me.

like The Wire hail BM as the new great thing. Vice hail their new hero Fenriz and write some pretty good stuff about black metal. And they are in it for the music, it seems. Well, that’s
good, baby…but black metal is so much more than just music. And I’m not talking
about burning churches here.

The third
wave of black metal (in my opinion, the first being Bathory, Venom etc, the
second being Mayhem, Dissection etc, the third being all the crap that followed
and was kind of inspired by Dissection and finally evolved into arty shit like Cradle
of Filth
, Dimmu Borgir etc, and the fourth being Watain, Deathspell Omega etc) spawned
so much shitty bands within the BM-scene that it completely tore it apart.
Every second kid got a hold of corpse paint and spikes and put out their own
worthless BM-album and just flooded the market with pure and utter crap. Black
metal turned cheesy and became an even bigger laughing matter among the
mainstream folks than it was before. The underground was still alive, though,
and always will be – no matter how small it gets.

At this
point, where you can find quality black metal releases in every decent online
store who claim to have a clue, are we there again? Has black metal turned
mainstream again, but in an underground sort of way, the cheesy parts excluded
this time? Is this good or bad?

furthermore, are these ramblings you’re reading the curse of an elitist mind
with a “holier than thou”-stinking attitude? Yes, I hope so. But please bear in mind
that I’m not saying you should look/act a certain way or have certain views
upon life/death etc to listen to black metal (I myself look like a total geek,
so…) It’s just that the exploitation of the whole thing that is black metal is
getting on my nerves once again.

What will
be the next step? Will the true essence of the black metal spirit take its work
even deeper down the abyss? Will the new Watain-album push black metal further
down the underground or further up the mainstream ladder, up to high heavens? Maybe that’s the way black metal should go – the more people infected by The Great Beast the better? Time
shall tell.

In the
meantime, I shall end this column with the mighty words of ISTEN:

I don’t
wanna be scene with you.

…and thus
hope for the better, maybe in the shape of uttermost madness as executed below by E of Watain…

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Ny Moral #2

Ny Moral - The zine Posted on Tue, December 05, 2006 11:41:11

Ny Moral is my fanzine put out on paper. Issue #1 was unleashed in november 2004 and you can read about it here. There’s still a few copies left…

I have plans for #2 (I’ve got 40 pages written already…), but I have no hurry in getting it out. When it’s out you’ll know, and I will not reveal any content here until it’s out.

Meanwhile, I’ll post ramblings on this blog somewhat related to the Ny Moral themes.

Culture Clash – Music, literature, movies, art, photography etc…
Politics & Power – Everything that pisses me off…
The Daily Grind – Random rants…
Ny Moral – The zine – Updates regarding the paper zine, mostly…
Massgrav – Minor updates for the band I’m in. Visit instead…

Why in english when the paper zine is in swedish?
Many reasons:
* It’s fun to write “fuck, shit, piss” in english…
* I have friends who don’t understand swedish…
Simple as that.


Censorship – Frank Zappa

Politics & Power Posted on Tue, December 05, 2006 11:29:47

as a way of leading the blind. It’s a dangerous thing.

You might think you live in
a land where freedom of speech rules, and that Europe
is all good on this topic. You probably think you’re ok with me cursing on
censorship. Well, think again, homeboy.
As I dive deep into the depths of darkness of censorship you may have to revise
your opinions. You may come to hate me for what I write because it may
challenge your mind and what you believe is true… The paper edition of Ny
Moral #2 will deal with this more thoroughly.

Frank Zappa – you may or may not like his music, but I strongly advise
you to check him out in these extraordinary clips. They are 20 years old, but
what he says in CNN’s Crossfire is still valid today – if you stretch
the subject just a tiny bit. I will develop my ideas on this topic later on of

So, here’s 10 minutes of
coolness and the perfect use of common sense

And some months later Frank
came back with a vengeance, talking about sex…


If you want to download
these clips to your hard drive, try copying the links and then visit this site.
Or else I’ve got the first
one for you right here.