as a way of leading the blind. It’s a dangerous thing.

You might think you live in
a land where freedom of speech rules, and that Europe
is all good on this topic. You probably think you’re ok with me cursing on
censorship. Well, think again, homeboy.
As I dive deep into the depths of darkness of censorship you may have to revise
your opinions. You may come to hate me for what I write because it may
challenge your mind and what you believe is true… The paper edition of Ny
Moral #2 will deal with this more thoroughly.

Frank Zappa – you may or may not like his music, but I strongly advise
you to check him out in these extraordinary clips. They are 20 years old, but
what he says in CNN’s Crossfire is still valid today – if you stretch
the subject just a tiny bit. I will develop my ideas on this topic later on of

So, here’s 10 minutes of
coolness and the perfect use of common sense

And some months later Frank
came back with a vengeance, talking about sex…


If you want to download
these clips to your hard drive, try copying the links and then visit this site.
Or else I’ve got the first
one for you right here.