This post
may steal some of your precious TV-time. Or the time spent drinking beer in
bars. Or the countless hours you spend with MySpace, waiting in line for

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”Oh my God,
not another text about the war in Iraq!”, I hear you christian sheep moan.
“Why aren’t there more?”, is my reply. There sure as hell should be. Each and
everyone of us in the Western World should sit down, read the relevant facts,
think them through, analyze and criticize and then write something about it –
so we at least know what the fuck is going on.

We need
enlightenment to make the necessary connections. We need to know about the
neocons and their thirst for power and blood. We need knowledge about the seriously
unhealthy relationship between Israel
and USA.
There’s tons of trash we need to sort out and it’s gonna take most of your
precious TV-time. Sorry about that.

But hey,
I’m really writing this for myself, to collect my own thoughts and sort out
relevant information amongst my billions of bookmarks… So when I say “You might
want to read…” below, I’m actually saying “I, Mattias Pettersson, really should

So now you
know. So here we go.

First, you
might want to read “The rise and and decline of the neo-cons” published in Asia
Times Online. This essay gives the necessary background on the
neoconservatives’ march to power and pain.

You may
then continue with “How Neoconservatives conquered Washington – and launched a war” published
on the Antiwar.com site.

For a fresh
opinion, a newsflash and a short history of neoconservatism: read Gary Kamiya’s
brief but well put together article simpy entitled “Neoconservatism – RIP”.

For fairly
straight facts about the war in/on Iraq, click here for the Aljazeera

And as a
reminder, here’s all the gruesome Abu Ghraib files – 279 photographs and 19
videos from the Army’s internal investigation record (check the left column).
Shocking truth.

If you’re
into fat, well written, thought provoking books then read on just a bit

, a liberal intellectual who supported the invasion of Iraq, has
written an excellent book which shows how not all journalists are close minded
scum writing on behalf of somebody else’s truths. Packer was truly convinced
that the invasion had good intentions, but the book shows how these intentions
went terribly wrong.

I haven’t
had the time to finish this one (far from it…), but just by skimming through
the pages you get the idea that this man is here for the truth in all its
honesty and he’s prepared to change his mind if his beliefs turn out to be

Read an
extensive review of his book Assassin’s Gate: America
in Iraq


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The photo above is taken from AfterDowningStreet.org and shows war as it really is, not like the censored version we see on TV or in Saving Private Ryan. No matter how strange this may sound to you, I’m telling you straight: Some people don’t know what a war looks like.

And now
I’ll just go listen to some mindbashing metal. Because I’m worth it.
In The Embrace of Evil