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High Tech Soul

Culture Clash Posted on Wed, December 13, 2006 21:02:01

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I usually tend
to miss the Popcorn musicfilm festival in Stockholm,
but this year I managed to catch at least one movie.

High Tech
is about the techno scene in Detroit.
We’re talking masters like Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Eddie Fowles, Carl Cox,
Jeff Mills and others. This movie was supposed to dig deep into the core and
birth of techno and why the genre obviously had to come from Detroit.

We get
interviews with artists, management people, club owners and clubbers, and for
the sociohistorical perspective they’ve included some professor talking about
the history of the city. Well…

expectations ran high as hell when I noticed Plastikmans appearance in the
infosheet. But no… There’s some funny anecdotes here and there, but that’s
pretty much it. I wasn’t overwhelmed at all. I wanted more hich tech nerd
stuff, like “This is how we made these amazing tracks, we used this and that
instrument, we spawned these styles and invented these techniques…” I would
have appreciated that much more than stupid clips of stupid german ravers.

And the
only “new” guy in the movie was Richie “Plastikman” Hawtin. Sure, he is (was?) the
very best in his genre (minimalist dark acid-ambient techno based on sounds off
the 303) and I love his work, but I’m sure there must have been other newcomers
in Detroit
since he started in 1993.

The thing
that bothered me the most was the awful sound quality in the theatre. Sometimes
it was so bad you could hardly hear what they were talking about. And the scenes
that would’ve blossomed in a good theatre were just embarrasing to watch. Get a
decent sound system next time, Popcorn people!

All in all,
it was an ok movie, and it’s released on DVD by Plexifilm (the folks who
brought us the best documentary ever made to the DVD-market – Style Wars) so I
guess it didn’t suck all the way through. I just expected a lot more.

though that the same festival showed 313 Techno described as “a beautiful
documentation of the history of Detroit
” featuring Atkins, May, Mills etc… Not the same movie, but still pretty
strange. Maybe this film had what High Tech Soul lacked. I don’t know. I didn’t

Best thing
with High Tech Soul:
Marbles” by Plastikman, on the soundtrack.
Get the “Musik”-album now. 73:09 minutes of high quality

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The gig is cancelled!

Massgrav Posted on Wed, December 13, 2006 16:26:00

Woohoo, the first post regarding Massgrav is this:

The gig that was supposed to take place in Garaget, Hammarbyhamnen, Stockholm, Sweden this Friday 15th of December is CANCELLED.

The guys running the show apparently got evicted.

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