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Public Enemy sure as hell got a point there.
And Noam Chomsky put it this way:
If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we
don’t believe in it at all.

I got mad and furious the other day when I read the newspaper.

Teacher gave speech at anti-Semitic conference“.

I guess you’ve heard of it.
The teacher, Jan Bernhoff, now branded as a “Holocaust teacher” (he’s
not even teaching history, he’s teaching computers…), is now temporarily
suspended from work, and the city of Stockholm,
his employer, wants him gone for good. However, that will be hard since he gave
this speech on his spare time.

Let’s just say he was teaching history then. Is it unappropriate of him doing
that considering his personal viewpoints? Let’s say he doesn’t agree 100% with the
established history of the holocaust that occurred in Rwanda instead… Or
let’s say he’s a christian teaching religion. Is he unsuitable as a teacher?
You digest that for a second.

People get upset by him visiting this conference, and that’s merely
because they don’t know what they’re talking about, and they certainly don’t
know what he is talking about.

So, let’s see what’s wrong with all this crap.

The conference in Teheran is NOT anti-semitic. That’s just the easy way
out, told by uneducated people scared to face the horrible facts.
Sure, there are most certainly those visiting this conference who share a common hatred
against the Jews, who have racist opinions and who would prefer that Israel
was nuked to oblivion and so forth, but again – the conference is not anti-semitic.

The newspapers are very eager to mention that David Duke, ex-KKK leader,
took part in this conference, and they also manage to mention Robert Faurisson because
of his skepticism regarding the established version of the Holocaust (not mentioning his constant fight
for your right to express yourself in whatever context possible without being
put to jail for it…), but no one mentions the Rabbis, the orthodox Jews, in the
audience. One can see that for himself by looking at the photos, but people
rarely do any thinking by themselves nowadays…

Blog Image
Blog Image“We came here to put the
Orthodox Jewish viewpoint,” said British Rabbi Ahron Cohen. “We
certainly say there was a Holocaust… But in no way can it be used as a
justification for perpetrating unjust acts against the Palestinians.”

When the papers write “the revisionists are denying the Holocaust, they
are Holocaust deniers” it comes across like revisionists and skeptics claim it didn’t happen, when in fact they are merely questioning the facts that we’re given today, and for
that they are being sent to jail.

It is obviously a crime to ask questions. That is the horrible truth.

The conference makes it possible to have a serious open debate about the
Holocaust. That has not been the case earlier on because skepticism regarding the
Holocaust has been a crime for over 60 years – and still is in a lot of “democratic” countries.
Don’t believe me?
Are you willing to learn some hard facts?

There are
no easy answers. You’ll have to do some reading, some research and some
thinking for yourself instead of relying on speculations, rumours, hearsay and
what you think you know about the
Ask yourself: What did I learn in school and what have I learned since then? Not much, right?

First, you should learn the difference between anti-semitism and
Second, check out the site
Third, learn the basic facts about Holocaust revisionism and always keep
them in mind. Do it here.
Fourth, read about the relationship between Israel
and USA,
and its connection with the Holocaust. Try this page.
Fifth, get a hold of the book The Holocaust Industry by Norman
and read it.
Sixth, look up what has happened to David Irving, Germar Rudolf and other people who’ve dared to question the official version of
the oh-so-holy Holocaust. (Hint: Expressing a different opinion regarding the
Holocaust than what’s written in the history books equals jail.)
Seventh, ask yourself: How many Jews died in the Holocaust? Six million,
right? Then ask yourself: How many german civilians died? How many gypsies? How
many homosexuals? You don’t know? You don’t have a clue? Hmm… You should learn
some real history, baby.
And you should learn how zionist forces use lobbyism
to gain monopoly using the term Holocaust. Mind you, in their eyes there’s only one Holocaust. Forget about the Turks eliminating millions of Armenians, forget about Pol Pot in Cambodia, forget about Stalin and Rwanda

Damn, I could continue with this list for weeks.

So let’s
have a look at some hard facts instead.
Remember, history is revised all the time,
every day, and history
always has to be re-written as we go along exploring new facts, getting more information and learning new things. Pretty obvious, isn’t it?

The Holocaust
story is drastically different if you look back some 50 years, but even today
some “facts” are still being told in history books and newspapers, even though they
have officially been dismissed as facts a long time ago – even by established historians.


1. On May 12th, 1945,
a few months after the liberation of Auschwitz, a Soviet State
Commission reported that not less than four million people were murdered there. This number was
displayed at the Auschwitz State Museum until 1991, when it was lowered to 1.1
million. So, from four million to one million overnight…
Of course, this doesn’t lessen the gravity of the crime (remember the basic revisionist claims?) – even one
murdered is one too many – but it makes one hell of a difference when talking

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I bet you still wander around with that six million figure in your head…

2. When
writing about the concentration camps, newspapers very often use the term extinction camps. Not too long ago one of the largest newspapers in Sweden referred to Dachau as an extinction camp where people
were gassed to death.
Here’s two links to well known (non-revisionist) sites admitting that there were no
gassings in the Dachau
camp. It’s an established fact. And people have been sentenced to death for
this, because witnesses have lied about massgassings in Dachau.

Also note that the death statistics for Dachau today are estimated to 32,000. Compare that to the sign outside the camp asking visitors to remember the 238,000 people who died in the camp… It was there for many years. It was completely wrong.

The photos…

Read the
revisionist basic claims
again. Revisionists do NOT claim that there weren’t any
deaths in the war. People died horrible deaths. They were slain, executed, died
of illness, starvation… No doubt about that. No one has ever denied that either,
and if they do they’re just plain stupid.

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Why is it
forbidden by law to examine the earth where people claim there are massgraves? Why don’t they allow
people to investigate all the archives that have been closed for sixty years?
that be a good way to get rid of all this controversy? In
short, why can’t we let historians do their research like they always do?
Well, it’s certainly not happening…

If you
accuse a whole nation of the most horrific crime in the history of mankind,
then we must of course commence the most thorough investigation of the crime
scene ever. How strange it hasn’t happened yet.

What’s the
point with all this Holocaust revisionist stuff?

The swedish
online magazine Kulturen wrote something interesting the other day.

“Som den
israeliska journalisten Tom Segev visat har den specifika berättelsen som
Israel byggt upp kring andra världskrigets judeförföljelse, där omkring 6
miljoner judar mördades, medfört att dagens israeler anser sig vara offer för
utrotningslägren i betydligt större utsträckning än den generation som faktiskt
utsattes för dem
. Förintelsen har, enligt dessa synpunkter, således kommit att
inkorporeras som en del av staten Israels berättelse om sig själv.”

In short: The Israel citizens (of Jewish origin) of today seem to claim to be even
more affected by the Holocaust than the generation of people who were
there and took part in the actual Holocaust.

There you have one point out of many. Reading The Holocaust Industry you’ll come up with a lot more if your mind is not all
crooked and corrupt.
(Note: Förintelseindustrin is available in Swedish, published by Ordfront)


Do you think
all of the above are the opinions of nutcases? Think again and get your facts

Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; the
six volumes of Churchill’s Second World War total 4,448 pages; and de Gaulle’s
three-volume Mémoires de guerre is 2,054 pages. In this mass of writing, which
altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts), published
from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi “gas
chambers,” a “genocide” of the Jews, or of “six
million” Jewish victims of the war.”

Richard Lynn
Professor Emeritus,
University of Ulster


The biggest problem here lies in the fact that when questioning the
Holocaust you might be accused of doing the dirty work of the nazis. On the other
hand, if you support the official version of the Holocaust – not questioning the obvious myths and lies – you support zionist hatred and violence.
Or you simply don’t care at all about these things. It’s your choice.
However, I
despise both nazis and zionists equally. I’m all in it for the

“Facts do
not cease to exist because they are ignored”
as Aldous Huxley once so
truthfully said.

This is probably just the first post of many dealing with this highly
controversial subject. If you want to read more of my writings (in Swedish) on this subject I
recommend you follow this thread from beginning to end:


One last note:

In the early days you got punished or executed if you denied God.
Galileo Galilei – the father of science, modern astronomy and modern physics – was forced to abjure, on his knees in front of the mighty Inquisition, his heretical views that the Earth moves around the Sun.
haven’t evolved much since then, have we?

PS. Jan Bernhoff’s speech is available here for download. You go ahead and find the alleged anti-semitism in there… Good luck.

PPS. Headline quote taken from the Public Enemy song Don’t believe the hype.