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This was
actually happening in 2006. You’ve seen it all – and it was not a proper
execution, it was a dirty lynching instigated by a vicious mob.

Saddam was
– all of a sudden, without further due – to be executed. They didn’t even
finish the trials properly. And what a “trial” then… Did it conform to
international standards for a fair trial? No way. Mock trial is the only word
for this shit.

So why the
sudden rush to execute this monster? Simply because by doing the only right
thing – sentence Saddam to a lifetime imprisonment and thus being able to
distinguish between lies and truth through thorough questioning (not through
torture…) – would reveal war criminals on the “wrong” side of the track. Those
in power would have been forced to open up. Be sure they are sighing in relief
now that most of their war crimes won’t ever have to be brought to court… Their
propaganda and distractions can continue. Israel
and USA are already marching
towards Iran.

In the
words of Manuel Garcia, Jr:
There is
no doubt that Saddam was guilty of great crimes, and any truly independent
tribunal would have found him undeserving of retaining his liberty. A victory
for the world public would have been a judgment requiring Saddam to reveal all
the details of his career, during the course of a lifetime imprisonment.
Historians and prosecutors in many countries would work from this record to
winnow the truth from the lies, and to then enable the many agencies making up
our international system of justice to pursue other perpetrators implicated in
the tale.

The quick execution of Saddam Hussein is not simply “victor’s
justice,” it is a demotion in a Mafia-style re-organization, the
elimination of capo fallen from grace, to protect the power elite from any
exposures that would threaten its control.

that’s what it’s all about: control, power, money…
You should know the drill by
know. US of A sure do.

article here.